Caleb Asher Armstrong

Caleb, by the time you are old enough to care to read this, blogs will probably be as archaic to you as phone books are to me. How your name and person can cohabitate all of my thoughts is a natural wonder. But you do. I'm thinking about you all the time. It's a parent thing. And Adele sings about it.

As we prepare to celebrate your third birthday, I was just looking at old photos, cherishing memories, and dreaming about your future. We're going to sing your name today, call your attention several times, and ask you to look into the camera repeatedly. Each time we are going to use your name, Caleb. Which reminds me I want you to know about your namesake.

Your dad chose your name. And of course you know by now that I mean your earthly father was the first to arrive at your name after the Lord chose it (before He created the world). I was the last to find your name and your dad wanted me to be sure and include this side note. When your dad suggested we name you Caleb I did what I do best, search the internet. I googled the meaning of your name and instantly loved the sound and the way it looks on paper. Use this filter when you choose your own child's name. Please.

My research on your name landed me in Numbers 13 & 14 in the Bible. Ten of the 12 spies sent into the promised land came back doubtful that God would in fact stay true to his promise to lead them in their inheritance, even though he was uber clear on the matter. But Caleb and Joshua came back with a different viewpoint. All 12 spies saw the same thing, touched the same earth, picked the same fruit, tasted it, and even brought samples back to the camp. But it was Caleb that had the guts to silence the crowd and the confidence in God to assure the majority that their doubts paled in comparison to the promise and power of God Almighty. 

I'm praying like crazy over you kid. The Caleb of the bible has taught me many lessons I hope I have passed on to you. 

If you read nothing else I have to say I want you to hear me in your head like a broken record (that came before the iPod), "GO GET THE LAND, CALEB ARMSTRONG." Picture my face, hear my voice, and listen to me again: Go get the land, Caleb.


Don't settle for the wilderness, Caleb Armstrong. Be free. No giants are too big. You are not a grasshopper. You will not die in the wilderness. Slavery is not better. God promised us. Go get the land.