Die, rivalry. Die already.

Ministry rivalry will die with my generation. And by God's grace, you'll find me helping to nail the coffin shut. Okay, get in rivalry.

    My generation will simply not put up with petty, distracting, and territorial approaches to ministry. No longer will party, denomination, brand, or camp divide us, and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

    No longer will ministries and churches operate in silos or compete for correctness. We've lost precious time and soul-winning effectiveness in loving our God and loving each other because we were haggling over the details. 

    • You like hymns? Great. Let's sing some hymns. Glory to God.
    • You like the organ and trumpets and a robed choir? Hallelujah.
    • You brought your own flags to wave today? Okay, sounds like a thing. Enjoy our God.
    • You downloaded the Bethel record and it's left you weeping?!? Sounds hipster-cool. Bring it. 
    • You prefer the plate? Wonderful. Pass the plate, brother.
    • You prefer autodraft from you bank account? Right on, sister.
    • You go door-to-door. Or maybe use the Romans Road. Or the Kennedy Questions. Or the circle diagram, evangecube, or tracts. Or maybe you write names on bricks that go on the new building. Sweet, y'all. Go on and do it that way. 
    • You need to kneel 32 times per service? Wow. Let me get you some knee pads. 

    But you bring a divisive attitude to me or to a millennial and we will show you to the cry room because all that crazy is irrelevant to the core doctrines of the Christian faith, and we've got freaking work to do. In matters of preference I choose deference.

    We are not joiners anymore in the "church membership" sense. However, if you bring to our attention someone doing good work for Christ and ask us to join in, we are going to set aside ecumenical differences to fulfill our mission--to love God and love others.

    Millennials will be defined by siblingship, the New Testament way of Christian living. Sharing, collaborating, and uniting for the common good will be our norm. Mark my words. We will shout "swing wide" in worship and mean it. We will tear down walls of tradition and instead forge a new path linked together. We will slide over for each other even when we disagree on secondary issues. Because we value our need for each other over our competition with each other. No longer will we be young and restless...we will be young and unified. We will confuse everyone with our diversity and unity. Because NOBODY has the corner market on Jesus. 

    I'm confident rivalry will die soon because millennials have so much practice sharing. HELLOOOOOOO... social media, crowd-funding, the share economy, information-sharing apps, co-work spaces, and the empires being built on collaborations. 

    Thanks to millennials...

    So, millennials, I beg you, lead the way. Just give me a few more swings on the nails of the rivalry coffin and then I'll join the ranks. "Unite the clans" will be our battle cry and Jesus will be our leader.