Four Fathers


Gah!!!! That blissful look on Caleb's face as his dad gives him kisses wrecks me every time. Caleb's only filter to process his little life is unconditional love.

I know the kind of men that produces, men with compassion and strength.

We left dinner tonight and Caleb told me he wanted to hold daddy's hand to the car. Caleb's "advanced leadership skills" never leave you to wonder what he intends to do. Hand in hand those two are emotional Nutella. 

Last week, Caleb interrupted Justin Bieber's Latin melody on the radio for a declaration: "I have a really good daddy." I cleared my throat to get out the words, "You sure do Caleb. You sure do." Caleb has a really good daddy, so tonight we celebrate with all the meats the Brazilian steakhouse can skewer.


Glenn Kreider

Spiritual fathers do the work of the heavenly Father. They help us think correctly about the scriptures. They've got invisible signs above their heads: I am for you. They send unsolicited advice that you know will change the course of your life.  


Glenn's one of the reasons I stayed in seminary. He was there at the beginning of Polished, willing to lend his legacy to our adventure. And he continues to be a founder's stabilizing force.

Team Armstrong has so many happy gifs in mind for Team Kreider. Here's to hoping you have a concert and/or latte lined up for today.


Jim Armstrong


That jovial Santa look alike in the center has some credit due. I'm reaping the benefits of his reward as a father. He invested in his kids in a way that inspires our own family. Here's to hoping there is a Gator sport thing on the DVR and Bev doesn't make you climb the roof to blow off the leaves.



Ron Obenhaus

My first Father's Day fatherless is brutal. (Although, I have in mind many treasured friends that have seen many of these before.)

About this time each Sunday, my dad would send us an email praising Aaron's preaching. Ron Obenhaus didn't know how to let an opportunity for encouragement go by without speaking seeds of hope into it. 

Comfort rescues all of my tears today. As I know he is pain free and probably strumming along with a thousand generations.

God in His holy dwelling is a father of the fatherless and a champion of widows.
— Psalm 68:5 HCSB
Kat Armstrong