Part 1: Yes, yes, yes, I know I just lost all you GF, paleo, whole 30-ers. Ain’t no judgement here, sister. You do you. Enjoy your WOD while I fist a Hawaiian roll. 

In a season of great spiritual hunger, I started to follow the breadcrumb trail through the sacred scriptures to find the most satisfying bread for our soul: Jesus. Spiritual starvation birthed this study, not some happy overflow of the heart. I needed more of God because 14 months ago I was starving spiritually. And I didn't need a Lean Cuisine, I needed comfort food. I needed to FEAST.

This led to an obsession with the 300+ times “bread” is mentioned in the holy scriptures, and you’re reading the results. I know, right? 300+ times. Whaaaaaaa?!? Turns out my carb-loving diet is an asset for my spiritual life. 

How would you rate your spiritual appetite?

  • Full on God's goodness
  • Hungry for more of God
  • Spiritually hangry (angry + hungry)

Are you moody, irritable, short-tempered, angry, tired, or distracted when you're hungry? Yeah, me too. That’s me on date night before the appetizer gets to the table. I'd really prefer not to speak to the love of my life on date night until after the first bite of food and drink. Hanger’s not pretty.

Your cranky, hungry, self was a picture of my spiritual life. Cravings for more of God became so intense I resorted to studying the word "bread" in the bible from cover to cover (snort laugh). It's ridiculous, really. Bread for my soul reignited my lifelong pursuit to love God and love others. Turns out it's easier to love well on a full stomach.

As many plan for their 30-day wholeness and 28-day cleanses, I'm organizing 16 blog posts for an eight week series: bible study. And this is my formal invitation to break bread with me.

In God's providence, your attention is here for the moment and that's the one true living God reminding you He's reaching out to be in relationship with you. Whether you are full, hungry, or hangry, it will be God's word to sustain and satisfy you.

Over the last year, the Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to the presence of bread in some of the most outstanding moments of the Holy Scriptures, and just now am I seeing the pieces fit together. We will find bread in the curse, in the wilderness through manna, in the tabernacle and temple, and finally in Jesus our Living Bread. 

This season of study was like a heart panini. I've been marked. I'll never look at bread as simply an answer to my craving. It's now a physical reminder of God's everlasting presence with us. 

If you're in a season of spiritual hunger or--maybe like me many months ago--a season of spiritual starvation, hunger pains might be so commonplace in your spiritual life you haven't taken a second to really listen to the pain. Pause a second. Really digest that assessment. 

Let's not go one more year without more of God's presence in our lives. Let's not let our healthy physical diets condition us to consume leaner portions of God's truth. Let's FEAST together on God's word. Taste and see that the Lord is Good can be our reality. Let's break holy bread together these next eight weeks with a carb-loaded spiritual diet of God's presence.

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I Love CarbsKat Armstrong