Mother's Day Feels

I tried to tell Caleb that my hair was already dry. He shook his head in silent disgust and then turned on the hair dryer. My hair was huge for the rest of the day, but I must have watched this video a thousand times for a glimpse of his sweet face. 

My calendar reminder for Mother's Day came through today and brought up all sorts of emotions concerning the women I love dearly--moms or not. Even though I'm a rookie mom and rookie blogger, I thought I would try and process all the feels with you. 

Single Moms

You're working so hard. We see all the things and roles you must fill. I know you're tired. We are standing with you, cheering in your corner because, as our sister, what happens to you happens to us. You're not alone. We honor you.

Working Moms

You're juggling responsibilities in two spheres and likely doing the lion's share of parenting at home. God Almighty is pleased and satisfied with you because of Jesus. Your ambition and talent are beautiful and we honor the image you bear of our God. You're enough. We honor you.

Stay-at-home Moms

You may feel isolated and worn out, so we want to remind you that the investment you are making for your family is worthy and valuable. The way you sacrifice is not going unnoticed. We see you and we honor you.


You're delicately weaving a new family unit and forging a new tribe. It's hard but meaningful work. You matter. Your mothering is no less significant than the role of any other mom. We honor you.

Adoptive moms

Our God makes orphans his sons and daughters, and thus you are a divine reflection of the one true living God. I Imagine it's harder than any of the books and conferences suggested, but it's worth it. We honor you.

Moms of Special Needs Kids

You're often separated from the group because of the special needs of your loved ones. We know it's isolating. No one could fully understand, but God does. He's with you now and in the moments you need him most. And so are we. We honor you.

Bereaved Moms

Your loss is so fresh to us. We may not completely understand your pain but we want you to know we support and love you. Long after the notes and meals stop, we are still praying for you. We honor you.

Moms of Rebellious Kids

Your children make their own choices. Walk in freedom with us. Let shame be undone. We honor you.

Today my mind is also occupied with thoughts of...

  • People who will shudder on Mother's Day thinking about their own mom. Maybe it's abandonment, abuse, or pain that she inflicted on you. I'm praying that you are reminded that with Jesus you get an epic redo on your future and your family. We acknowledge your past with you and will hold your hand as we walk toward freedom with Christ. Your mom's actions are unjustifiable. But you don't have to be like her. We can be like Christ. We honor you.
  • People who miss their mom. You're separated by death and every Mother's Day reopens that grief. I wish I could wipe away all your tears, but that is Jesus' job. He's near to anyone with a broken heart and able to comfort you today. We honor you.
  • People who long to be parents. Infertility and miscarriage are evil reminders that we live in a broken world. Things are not as they should be. God is not distant in your pain or sleeping on the job. I can't sort through why this is happening to you. But I can tell you that we care about you. We honor you.

Our relationship status, role in life, titles, and life choices do not define us, they shape us. Instead, God defines us.