The Gospel & a Fashion Show

When Polished Ministries was just a dream (and still without a name), I was making a name for myself in sales and going to seminary part time. My work connected me with tons of young professional women. As a result, I was getting to share my faith often, but I noticed a disconnect. 

Young professional women are hungry for spiritual connection, but they are opting out of the place traditionally designed for such connection: the church. My experience with professional women would later be affirmed by Stephanie Giddens, co-founder of Polished Ministries, confirmed by data from the Barna Group, and validated with statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau: The only religious behavior that increased among women in the last 20 years was becoming unchurched.

You see, women are the newest U.S. mission field, and they feel less emotional support from the local church than any other generation before them. Let that settle in for a moment. And guess who is best equipped to reach women in their 20s and 30s??? Their peers. 

Polished Ministries is reaching a largely unreached group of women, and for now, we are the only ones with a mission to...

Share the gospel with a generation of young professional women and equip a generation of young professional women to share the gospel. 

God has a sense of humor because I don't enjoy event planning, but for the last several years I've spent my spring planning a big ol' annual Fashion Show for Polished.

It's our biggest fundraiser of the year, and you're invited.

I mean, I could start name dropping and reference our press release, but I'll leave that to our website. Ahem... Hilary Kennedy, Chivvistyles, Melissa Benge Collection, Kendra Scott, Events by Kristin, Silver Lining Events, LoweCo, Posh Floral, Dyan Kethley Photography, Paige Anderson, Anastasia, We are Unveiled. Trust me on this, it's gonna be EPIC. Envision light bites, drinks, and treats, and your favorite DFW fashion bloggers on the runway...

But more importantly, we are going to share the gospel at the fashion show the Polished Way. Everyone in attendance is going to think: I want to explore this Jesus.

Read: I need you and all of your Dallas friends to buy tickets, lots and lots and lots of tickets. Use promo code BLOGREADER and get 25% off your tickets through Friday, May 6th.