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She Did What She Could

My Dallas bestie, who also happens to be my-sister-law, had her gender reveal party a few months ago for her first baby. Before the big reveal I was daily obsessing over the fact that somewhere in her house was a sheet of paper that indicated the gender, and I couldn't handle it. The agony!!! I NEEDED to know the gender because I was planning an epic make-Martha-Stewart-emote, make-Camille-Styles-comment, make-Glitter-Guide-jealous, kind of party. What’s that you say? Real Simple wants rights to the food photos? Eat your heart out DIYers. Here's how it all turned out.

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My life is complicated, my relationships are messy, and my work is multifaceted. I dream of simplicity. And I read about it, too. OThe Oprah Magazine and Real Simple are my two favorite magazines—besides InStyle and Vogue. Those are in a different category entirely. Category: MUST READ. 

Every month, I peruse the pages to better my life, and then I set the self-help magazines down and return to reality. Implementation of all the self help in my life is more like a #pinterestfail than anything. For instance, I fisted cheerios from the box tonight for dinner while I took a picture of these Martha Stewart recipes. I'll never make them. But I photographed them for you.

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