Worship Manifesto

Wish church bulletins had room for something like this...

Your presence here today is a welcomed intersection with our community of Jesus followers. We don’t have it all together here. We’re not doing church the “right” way. We are broken humans but God is piecing us back together. And we are not here to fix ourselves or correct you. Instead this church is evidence of a bigger story.

The big story is that God created something good. We messed it up. Jesus makes it right and one day God will make all things new. 

Our humanity is proof that things are not as they should be. Our Sunday worship gathering is proof that although Jesus is our king and the kingdom of God was initiated at his resurrection, we are waiting for God to complete his work. We are in progress. While we wait for the fullness of the kingdom of God we gather together to express our affection of God to God and share that affection with each other and for each other. In the process, power, healing, restoration, and unity are a part of our story now because of God's triumph in our lives. 

You may not prefer how we are choosing to worship here. But you are always welcome. We value and embrace diversity in all forms even though it presents challenges to be united. Our diversity reflects the divine. We humbly ask that you respect the sacred. Our gathering is sacred. In part because we believe the presence of the Holy Spirit is here and in part because you are here. 

We hope love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control is evident to all who join us. We’re incapable of exhibiting all of those beautiful expressions of God without a work of the Holy Spirit in our souls. But the Holy Spirit is here with us now.

Our prayer is that you connect to God here.  If you've spent a full life devoted to your faith our prayer is you are rooted in God's love and that you find space to flourish here. If you're beginning your faith journey take a deep breath. This is a safe place for doubts, questions and unexplainable joy.