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Marriage & Parenthood: Your Greatest Joy & Highest Calling?

A few years ago I was not sure that I wanted to have kids (gasp), and I made the mistake of saying this out loud to a new friend in a seminary class. She very directly and emphatically told me, “You’re missing out on the highest calling God has on your life.” Her words pierced me. I wonder if the flinch I felt inside showed. She was well intentioned but wrong. 

To set the record straight...

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Unintended Consequences

I've got a theory about why young women are intentionally choosing not to love the lord their God with all their heart, all their soul, all their mind, and all their strength. It's because the messages they've received from the church have made loving God with all a short-lived pursuit at best and a futile pursuit at worse...

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The Gospel & a Fashion Show

Last year this event was epic; that's why it sold out. We're taking it to the next level this year. Our 4th Annual Polish Dallas Fashion Show on Thursday, May 19th, will be even more polished than last year with lite bites, drinks, and treats. Your favorite DFW fashion bloggers will be on the runway again, but we've got a few surprises up our fashionable sleeves. Mark your calendar, share with your besties...

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Die, rivalry. Die already.

Ministry rivalry will die with my generation. And by God's grace you'll find me helping to nail the coffin shut. My generation will simply not put up with petty, distracting, and territorially approaches to ministry of our spiritual parents and grandparents. We've lost precious time and soul-winning effectiveness in loving our God and loving each other because we were haggling over the details. 

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How Does She Do It?

Ask any multi-careering dreamer and doer how she does it all well and her answer will always lead back to the concept of team/tribe/army. We don't accomplish anything on our own. What's behind the curtain of the success? Interns, admin assistant, virtual assistants, mail chimp, slack, volunteers, babysitters, full time childcare, supportive partners, encouraging friends, and helpful mentors. That's why the community of dreamers and doers is so important to our success. We need each other. I wonder where you are today on the endless entrepreneurial roller coaster. Are you crushing it? Feel our e-high-five through your device. Or maybe you're at the end of a pint of ice cream watching Mean Girls to cheer you up. Been there, sister...

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She Did What She Could

My Dallas bestie, who also happens to be my-sister-law, had her gender reveal party a few months ago for her first baby. Before the big reveal I was daily obsessing over the fact that somewhere in her house was a sheet of paper that indicated the gender, and I couldn't handle it. The agony!!! I NEEDED to know the gender because I was planning an epic make-Martha-Stewart-emote, make-Camille-Styles-comment, make-Glitter-Guide-jealous, kind of party. What’s that you say? Real Simple wants rights to the food photos? Eat your heart out DIYers. Here's how it all turned out.

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My life is complicated, my relationships are messy, and my work is multifaceted. I dream of simplicity. And I read about it, too. OThe Oprah Magazine and Real Simple are my two favorite magazines—besides InStyle and Vogue. Those are in a different category entirely. Category: MUST READ. 

Every month, I peruse the pages to better my life, and then I set the self-help magazines down and return to reality. Implementation of all the self help in my life is more like a #pinterestfail than anything. For instance, I fisted cheerios from the box tonight for dinner while I took a picture of these Martha Stewart recipes. I'll never make them. But I photographed them for you.

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