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Daddy's Girl

My dad loved to tell jokes. My brother Matt and I heard the same jokes over and over and over on road trips and social gatherings. All. The. Time. We would just look at each other and roll our eyes. But the truth is my father never told an off color joke, and his humor brought joy to everyone around him. 

I think he'd want me to start his funeral message with a joke to break the ice, but I'm very sad, really nervous, and thinking my attempt at humor today will not land. 

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Spiritual Mothers.

Every generation of Christ followers insists their needs are the greatest while forgetting all of our needs are met richly in Christ. We cannot forget that the gospel points us to embrace the most vulnerable and most of us refuse to see the unchurched, dechurched and overchurched as vulnerable. But what else do you call a child of God without spiritual parents?

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Trump Terror

I’m devastated that a presidential candidate can BRAG of sexual assault and then make no real apology for it. He has total disregard for me being made in the image of God and valued for more than my p****. I am heartbroken. 

I can tell you as a woman I am looking to my pastors, church leaders, seminary professors, and Christian leaders/speakers/authors to speak up against so obvious injustice. I need the men in power in my Christian circles to reiterate my value, inherent unquestionable value, from their platforms because this weekend I'm tempted to feel worthless

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Marriage & Parenthood: Your Greatest Joy & Highest Calling?

A few years ago I was not sure that I wanted to have kids (gasp), and I made the mistake of saying this out loud to a new friend in a seminary class. She very directly and emphatically told me, “You’re missing out on the highest calling God has on your life.” Her words pierced me. I wonder if the flinch I felt inside showed. She was well intentioned but wrong. 

To set the record straight...

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Unintended Consequences

I've got a theory about why young women are intentionally choosing not to love the lord their God with all their heart, all their soul, all their mind, and all their strength. It's because the messages they've received from the church have made loving God with all a short-lived pursuit at best and a futile pursuit at worse...

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Die, rivalry. Die already.

Ministry rivalry will die with my generation. And by God's grace you'll find me helping to nail the coffin shut. My generation will simply not put up with petty, distracting, and territorially approaches to ministry of our spiritual parents and grandparents. We've lost precious time and soul-winning effectiveness in loving our God and loving each other because we were haggling over the details. 

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I hate indifference.

It's no secret I get fired up about things. I was designed that way. As a result, I hate indifference. At least I did until about two weeks ago. The word indifference makes me shutter and brings to mind:

  • Indifference = apathy
  • Indifference = laziness
  • Indifference = spiritual stagnation
  • Indifference = BLEH

So imagine the disruption I experienced last week when I read this...

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Worship Manifesto

Wish church bulletins had room for something like this...

Your presence here today is a welcomed intersection with our community of Jesus followers. We don’t have it all together here. We’re not doing church the “right” way. We are broken humans but God is piecing us back together. And we are not here to fix ourselves or correct you. Instead this church is evidence of a bigger story.

The big story is that God created something good. We messed it up. Jesus makes it right and one day God will make all things new...

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Get Over Yourself Youngers

You know what I hear most often from whiny youngers about their spiritual life? They want a mentor.

Hey Younger, listen up. Stop Snap Chatting for a moment. Lock your eyes with mine and try to act like a human, not a selfie producing robot. Guess where you can find a mentor? Just guess.

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