Lauren Chandler

 Author & Speaker

"Strong and humble--that's Kat Armstrong. She speaks boldly, clearly, and passionately about God and His Word; yet, its her tenderness and transparency that compels you to lean in and listen even more. "

Dr. Darrell Bock

Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary & Executive Director for Cultural Engagement at The Hendricks Center

"I am familiar with Kat Armstrong's work through the Hendricks Center's conferences and the Table Podcast. She is clear, direct, sensitive, and biblical, engagement with heart. It is exactly what our events have needed."

Jamie Ivey

Happy Hour Live with Jamie Ivey Podcast

"If you are looking for a woman that loves God's word and values it above all else, then Kat is your girl! I've had the joy to sit under her teaching and each time I have learned something, and been encouraged to continue loving God with all of my heart. She has a genuine desire to see more people follow Jesus, and that passion is contagious."

Sarah Harmeyer

Founder & Chief People Gatherer, Neighbors Table

"The way Kat Armstrong talks about Jesus makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. My eyes get big, my hearts skips, and I can't get enough."

Dr. Glenn Kreider

Professor of Theological Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

"Kat is a gifted communicator. She speaks with confidence, conviction, compassion, clarity, and concern for her audience. Her love for the good news of God’s grace and her desire to see others transformed by it is contagious."

Marshawn Evans Daniels

Reinvention Strategist, TV Personality, Millionaire Business Mentor, Founder- Godfidence.com

"Kat is life-shifter who has been gifted with the art of teaching.  She has a special ability to blend complex topics, infuse them with humor, and break them down in such a way that they are palatable, approachable, inspiring and empowering.  Her voice is a gift to the next generation of women looking to do mighty, amazing, brilliant and wonderful things with elegance and grace!"  

Timothy Ateek

Executive Director, Breakaway Ministries

"We had the privilege of having Kat Armstrong speak at our yearly All Women’s Breakaway. Kat delivered rich Biblical truth with contagious passion and endearing humor. Her call to women to make loving Jesus and loving people ultimate was clear, refreshing, and timely.” 

Tiffany Stein

Pastor to Women, Irving Bible Church

"Kat is the real-deal. She is authentic, humble, vulnerable, a courageous truth-teller, and someone who powerfully and eloquently proclaims the love and grace of God. Kat speaks to the lived reality of her audience, and fearlessly and selflessly points others to Christ. I’ve personally known Kat for over eight years, and every time that she speaks, lives are transformed."

Dr. Kay Daigle

Founder, beyond ordinary women

"Over a number of years I've had the privilege of watching Kat blossom as a leader and speaker. Her messages are current but timeless, bold but sensitive, deep but humorous. She speaks with passion to call her audiences forward in tangible ways to follow Jesus. I have seen God use her mightily as a catalyst of active faith in women of all generations."

Dr. Peggy Banks

Global Ministry Director, TWR Women of Hope

"Over the last four years, I have seen many business women, moms, and entrepreneurs in their 20’s and 30’s seek more and more time with Kat to glean from her wisdom. Her passion for Jesus and knowledge of the Word of God, along with a practical and purposeful way of life, make Kat an inspiring, challenging, Biblically sound and relevant speaker. I believe Kat is a contemporary speaker that women desperately need to hear."

Jenn Jett

Co-Founder, The Well Studio & Camp Well Summit

"I have asked Kat to speak at multiple events I have hosted. Every time I have a deep trust in what she will deliver because she is lead by the Holy Spirit. Her message is always rooted in truth and woven together with authentic and personal stories."

Tiffany Daniels

Founder, There4 Teen Gathering

"Kat Armstrong is a dynamic speaker who can relate to any audience! Her presence on and off stage is phenomenal and her willingness to connect with our girls at THERE{4} was above and beyond. She desires to share the Word and deliver a message so that her audience fully grasps the calling the Lord has on their lives."

Rachel Joy

Founder, Sparrow Conference

"Kat Armstrong is a incredible Bible teacher. Her knowledge of the scriptures and desire for women to have the tools to study the Bible is clear. Her ability to exegetically move through a text combined with her relatable in the application of those texts is such a blessing. You can expect growth and a desire to know more about Jesus Christ after hearing Kat teach!"